Parent/Guardian Testimonials

“I love what JRC has done for my son. The staff at the school, and residence are absolutely amazing. He has made so much progress, and he is off all his meds. His speech is so much better.”

“His case manager is amazing!! The caring she shows for my son is very comforting because we can’t be there. His whole team is amazing.”

“JRC is awesome. The services it has provided my son is beyond compare. There isn't any other program in the United States or the world perhaps that is able to help individuals with developmental disabilities, especially the ones that have behavioral issues. My son's behavior has greatly improved since attending JRC. He is receiving an education and is reading, writing and his ability to express himself have greatly improved.”

“Very happy how JRC handled the virus and the safety of our kids. You did not miss a beat in regards to continuing education and related services in the home.”

“His teacher has tapped into our son’s potential and he is now doing work he has not done in years. We are very happy about this! We knew he was capable of more difficult work and more time working on the computer. Also, when he came home over the summer he completed many chores independently to include making his bed, emptying the trash, getting the mail, running the vacuum, setting/clearing the table, etc.”

“We love the school and residential staff at JRC. They are patient and respect our son. They seem to generally care about his well being. He called his case manager and the supervisor at the house each day that he was home on vacation this summer! That speaks volumes to me!"

"Very happy with all the services provided. The program provides great structure that has helped my son stay on track.”

“Wonderful, awesome, safe, clean, well supervised, wonderful staff. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful place for our son.”

“Our son has been there since he was 16 years old and is now 53 years old. He has lived those years in dignity under the supervision of a wonderful staff.”

“I have always felt that JRC is a well-run, competently-staffed organization since the days it was known as Behavior Research Institute. Without the caring support and targeted interventions used my brother would not be in the high-functioning state he enjoys today. Even in the midst of the pandemic, JRC has been above-board and proactive, keeping parents and guardians in the loop as to what changes are necessary to keep people with special needs safe. The executive and clinical staff are forthright and capable people who have dedicated many years of service to our families and I look forward to a continued run of getting through it all together.”

“JRC is absolutely the best program for our son!”

“We want to thank the wonderful and amazing staff. Your management does an excellent job of hiring and retaining an awesome staff. Thank you all so much for taking such exceptional care of our son!”

“I am grateful for all the services my daughter is receiving at JRC. I feel that my daughter is in a safe place and she is at home.”

“My daughter is calmer, she is alert and her behavior has improved. She now looks at me when I speak to her. I am thankful as this means a lot.”

“I am very grateful to JRC. I feel confident that my kid is safe. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.”

“They are very friendly, very professional, they know how to deal with mental illness in young adults. I’m very grateful and wish you guys 100 more years in business!”

“We are Extremely Pleased with how cautious JRC has been protecting all the clients from the virus. We know it’s been very challenging, but we Thank and Congratulate both the administration and staff for the very low number of cases and exposures!!!!”

"Excellent, best yet, they have great staff too"

"JRC has been a God send for my brother, he has a well balanced structured life compared to arriving to JRC.  JRC has made everything that I thought was impossible possible for my brother in terms of his behaviors and just having a nice community of staff, friends, teachers, and facility all around.  He enjoys outings and can actually participate and enjoys life as he should."

"Professional outstanding staff, great environment, very effective approach to treat clients with severe behavioral problems, optimistic and home-like atmosphere"

"If it were not for JRC, my daughter would either be dead, or wasting away in a straight jacket in some urine soaked back ward of a state institution."

"JRC is a professional organization whose focus is on handling some of the toughest cases. I feel that without the JRC, my brother would be in a far worse condition, with few prospects for engagement, education or family interaction."

"Outstanding staff, great environment, very effective approach to treat clients with severe behavioral problems, optimistic and home-like atmosphere."

"I’ve noticed nothing but positive results since he’s been here. I feel very good about JRC and the structure it has given him. It gives me peace of mind that he’s getting the care he deserves."

"[JRC is] an excellent disciplined program with comprehensive services. JRC has helped my son to start a new life than pre-JRC and hospitalizations. The commitment from JRC is what separates them from the other schools in his past."

"You’ve given us an effective option that gives us the best chance to prevent kids from cycling in and out of the same systems."

“Consistency. This has been invaluable. No matter whether at the house or school “no” means “no’ and program is constant.”

“JRC appears to be invested in serving their individuals to the best of their ability, and in constantly improving themselves as well as their services.”

"The students at JRC participate in academics. They learn respect for themselves and others, receive vocational training, live in community group homes, and are able to visit and be part of their family!  Isn’t this the ultimate goal of parents and educators alike?"


Lian and Mom

“I can't say enough good things about JRC, the only school in Massachusetts that would take Lian when she was asked to leave her last residential program. She has gone from an aggressive, unhappy child to someone who is safe and happy.

If it hadn't been for JRC, Lian would probably be in a psychiatric hospital drooling in a corner somewhere. I would recommend JRC to any parent that has a child with behavior/aggression issues who has been unsuccessful at other schools.

What I find most surprising is that my daughter is thankful for her program. She has asked me why she didn’t come to JRC when she was 10 years old. It is allowing her to be successful for the first time in her life. She tells me on a daily basis that she feels safe and looks forward to the day that she can be independent.”

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Charles and Family

“He was out of control at home. He was back and forth to psychiatric hospitals. The thing I like about JRC is that they are teaching him without all the medication. Now he is learning how to control his own behaviors.

There is a 24 hour monitoring system. You can come to the school at any time and see your child. It’s a comforting feeling. He seems to be having so much fun – It’s nice to see him happy.”

















Edrick with Mom and Dad

“Edrick was placed at JRC in the Fall of 2009, and over the next several months his antipsychotic medication was reduced, and ultimately eliminated. His weight was significantly reduced, and he began to show signs of behavioral and academic progress. We were able to visit him without frequent and severe physical aggressions and self-injurious behaviors occurring.

JRC helped my son a lot during those disturbing times and situations when no other school or placement would accept him. JRC took him for what he was – very aggressive and self abusive, very much medicated with drugs, and very challenging to work with. The JRC direct care staff showed him love and understanding. His treatment team never gave up on him and everyone seemed to like him. Edrick just loves being at JRC.

As parents of a boy with autism and challenging behaviors, we thought we were always making the right decisions for him. We never realized that our son is smart enough to make his own choice of where he wanted to be, and that is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center. Presently he is doing very well in terms of behavior. He is healthy, and he is drug free. The most important thing is that he is happy where he is. What else can we say?”

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Andrew and Mom

“Of the students at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center there are a small percentage who are very difficult to manage. Traditional therapies have not helped them; many programs have expelled them, and their families cannot keep them at home. Most people have not heard of, nor can they imagine, the violent behaviors and/or the self-abusive behaviors these students demonstrate.

Our son, Andrew, suffered in this same way; but after being at JRC for ten years, he has made significant gains in controlling his aggressive behaviors. With treatment at JRC, he no longer injures people on a daily basis, he is no longer over-medicated and sleeping all day, and he is no longer restrained for hours at a time. Andrew is responding well to the large concentration of positive rewards in his program. He is well-cared-for and we feel this is a very safe environment for him.”

















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Andrew and Family

“He’s very comfortable here.”

“He recently came home for Christmas for the first time.”

“He went from a Tiger to a little Butterfly.”























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Peter with Mom and Dad

“I have a treatment that works for my son.”

“He’s happy – he’s improving.”

“I love my child as much as anybody can.”






















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Samantha with Mom and Dad

“Before JRC she was on a lot of medication, she wasn’t eating.”

“JRC has saved her life.”

“Now she’s happy – she’s singing.”

“A 180 degree change – we can’t say enough.”























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Brian and Mom

“They turned us down everywhere.”

“He was like a zombie on the medications.”

“There was nothing in NY that could help him.”




















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Sean and Mom

“They told me he would never learn anything. Once JRC stabilized his behaviors he was able to learn. This is the best life he can have.”























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Testimonials in Spanish

Aldo and Mom

“Antes de JRC, él era muy agresivo y que estaba en una alta dosis de la medicación. Cuando lo llevamos al CCI comenzaron la eliminación de su medicina y sus comportamientos empezaron a cambiar. Ahora él tiene un aspecto fantástico, muy elegante, y estamos muy contentos con el trabajo que CCI ha hecho con él.”

(“Before JRC, he was very aggressive and he was on a high dosage of medication. When we took him to JRC they began eliminating his medicine and his behaviors began to change. Now he looks fantastic, very elegant, and we are very content with the work that JRC has done with him.”)
















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“Lo que se recomienda para mí era ponerlo en una escuela especial que le tratar porque si no, no podría sobrevivir otro año como este. No creo que él era feliz antes. Él siempre iba a llorar, incluso mientras él golpeaba a sí mismo. CCI ha ayudado Ángel de muchas maneras. Estoy agradecido allá de las palabras para lo que han hecho por mi hijo y me.He no golpea a sí mismo nunca más. Aquí, Ángel ha encontrado cuidado, amor y protección. Cuando pienso en lo que era, tengo que llorar.”

(“What was recommended to me was to put him in a special school that would treat him because if not, he would not survive another year like this.   I don’t think he was happy before. He would always cry, even while he would hit himself. JRC has helped Angel in many ways. I am grateful beyond words for what they have done for my son and me. He doesn’t hit himself anymore. Here, Angel has found care, love and protection. When I think of how he was I have to cry.”)

















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Josh and Parents

“Desde que mi hijo tenía cuatro años empecé a preocuparme. Todo comenzó cuando su escuela me alertó de que algo andaba mal. Él comenzó a tomar muchos tipos diferentes de medicamentos. Antes de CCI, viví una vida muy asustada. Se trataría de pegarme.

Como una madre amorosa, yo quería ayudarlo, pero no quiso escucharme en absoluto. Desde JRC, ha cambiado mucho positivamente... me doy cuenta de que es más tranquilo y lo veo más relajado. Antes, era incontrolable. Él constantemente estar tirando cosas. Puede conversar con él ahora, y antes de que nunca podría hacer eso. Él realmente escucha ahora un poco. Mi relación con él ahora es un 90% mejor que antes.”

(“Since my son was four years old I began to worry. It all started when his school alerted me that something was wrong. He started taking many different kinds of medicine. Before JRC, I lived a very scared life. He would try to hit me.

As a loving mother, I wanted to get him help but he would not listen at all. Since JRC, he has changed a lot positively… I notice he is calmer and I see him more relaxed. Before, he was uncontrollable.  He would constantly be throwing things. You can converse with him now, and before you could never do that.  He actually listens now a little bit. My relationship with him now is 90% better than before.”)




















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