Unparalleled Positive Programming

Yellow Brick Road Rewards

Unique and unparalleled reward system for students. The JRC reward area includes: the Movie Theatre; Big Reward Store with video games; the Contract Store where students can buy items by working hard on academic and behavioral goals; the Teen lounge with video games, TV, arcade games, and pool table; the Hair Salon, and Internet Café.





Hair Salon

Students can earn an opportunity to make an appointment at the Hair Salon, where they can get a haircut, hair styling or a manicure. The hair salon is also used for vocational training for students who wish to pursue that line of work.






Internet Café

A favorite reward for many of our students is the opportunity to spend time in this Internet Café. Students can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax with friends while they surf the Internet in a lounge with a tropical ambiance and Mexican artifacts.






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Movie Theatre

As students watch a film on the full-wall screen with surround-sound, they sit in comfortable lounge chairs that can give them a massage, and enjoy snacks that they purchase at the adjoining Snack Bar.






Snack Bar

This Snack Bar connects to the Cinema and can be accessed directly from the Yellow Brick Road as well. Students can purchase popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, flavored waters, juices, Sno-Cones, and more.






Teen Lounge/Arcade

The Teen Lounge contains a pool table, video games (seen in rear), an arcade dance machine, a big screen TV, an air hockey game, a chess and checkers game, a simulated motorcycle video game, and Guitar Hero (the students’ favorite video game). This lounge was especially designed to appeal to our cognitively typical students.




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Big Reward Store/Ball Pit

The Big Reward Store contains a merry-go-round, electronic games, a ball pit, pinball machines, ping-pong table, snack machines, and a lounge. This amusement area is especially designed to be a lot of fun for our developmentally delayed students. The Ball Pit is one of the favorite features of the Big Reward Store.









Contract Store

Students are rewarded with points or money for showing improvements both in their academic work and in their behaviors. We named this room the "Contract Store" because the students also have to be passing their weekly behavioral contracts in order to earn the privilege of using it.




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Field Trips and Special Outings

Sporting Events

Students are able to make use of the community for recreation. Here students attend a Paw Sox game.








Six Flags

During the summer a favorite contract reward is a field trip to Six Flags Amusement Park in Springfield, Massachusetts.







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Dinner at Fridays is a great way to end the day!







Special Rewards

Ana spends time working on her scrapbook.







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School Outings

Rock wall climbing (left); Students touch the back of a ray as it swims by at the aquarium.











Lunch Rewards

Zavon enjoys lunch at McDonalds.





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Miscellaneous School Rewards


An on-campus playground area for our students features several swing sets and an activity gym.








One of the favorite activities of our students is to play basketball against teams from other schools or a team composed of our staff members. The basketball court has a mural painted by Kip Frace, a New York artist, who used the hand prints and thumb prints of our students to compose the mural.




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Classroom Reward Store

Each classroom for our developmentally delayed students has its own reward store. The Classroom Reward Store is a living room-like area with plush chairs, TV, stereo, and various games. By displaying desired academic or other behaviors, students can earn a chance to take a break, watch some TV, and relax on the chairs.




Exercise Room

Located at the end of the Yellow Brick Road is a fitness room with cardiovascular exercise machines.




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Field Days and Parties















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